How to Choose the Right IT Support Company for Your Business

Choosing an IT support company

Looking for an IT support company for your business can be a challenging task. There are so many companies out there offering a whole host of different packages and services, that it can be difficult and very time consuming trying to differentiate the good from the bad. Even a good IT support company can be the wrong one for your business, so how do you decide?


The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. The IT support company that you choose really needs to understand your business and what you are trying to achieve. Of course this takes time to do, but if after the first couple of meetings or discussions you sense a lack of real interest, or that they are not really listening to your requirements, alarm bells should be going off. Likewise if you are feeling bamboozled by all the jargon or are feeling talked down to, they may not be the best company to go with. IT is quite a specialised subject and a lot of the terminology and technology is new to many people. A good company should be able to explain IT solutions and how they can help your business, in simple terms to someone with even very limited technical knowledge. A poor attitude at this early stage will not bode well for future communications when working together.


Bigger doesn’t always mean better. If your business is very large it is likely that you will need the resources and expertise that only a large IT Support company can offer. However, if you have a smaller business, a smaller IT support company can often offer a much greater level of personal support. They will usually spend more time learning about your company, how it operates and what you hope to achieve. Your company will also be of more value to them and they will have more of a vested interest in keeping you happy so that your business stays on their books.  The main thing to be clear about is that they are big enough to have the resources to deal with your particular needs, even if you decide to expand in the future.

On Site Support

A lot of IT support can now be carried out remotely, so the physical distance to your IT support company is not as important as it once was. However many hardware problems still need someone on site to carry out repairs or install replacement pieces of equipment. It is important to establish how long you would have to wait for someone to make a site visit and also if this is included in the price of your contract. Some companies charge a low monthly fee but then charge an additional on site fee. Some even charge for mileage to and from your business. Always make sure that you understand the terms of your support contract.


In the same way that you might read reviews before buying something new, you should always check reviews and testimonials before choosing a new IT Support Company. You can easily determine how satisfied current or previous clients are with the support provided by the company and it also allows you to gauge if the kind of support provided is similar to what you are looking for. If possible focus on testimonials/reviews from businesses that are similar to your own

Types of Support Packages

A good IT support company will offer a choice of support packages to suit different requirements and budgets such as:

  • Ad hoc (no contract – hourly rate)
  • Pay as you go (contract – hourly rate)
  • Unlimited (full support with contract)

If you decide on a support contract, make sure that you read the small print and understand fully what you are signing up for. Don’t ever be shy about asking for more information about something you are unsure of. Also find out what types of things are not covered by the support package. It will be much easier to deal with at this stage than later, if you are faced with a bill that you weren’t expecting.

Response Times

A good IT support company will respond to important issues quickly. Most will offer a ‘guaranteed response time’ for serious problems with your network or website as well as other service level agreements (SLAs). However it is important to remember that responding to an issue is not the same as resolving an issue. IT can sometimes throw up tricky situations that can take much longer to fix than first expected. When problems are not sorted quickly, it is easy to think that nothing is being done. This is why it is so important that you choose a support company that you trust to work hard for your business, both on site when you can see them and behind the scenes when you can’t.


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4 Reasons Small Businesses Need IT Support

business it support in Edinburgh

If you are a small business you may think that Business IT Support is an unnecessary expense and something that only big companies need. You may have started out as a small company, able to handle IT issues on your own,  but as your company has continued to grow you may have found that more and more time is being spend dealing with various IT issues rather than areas of your business that actually generate income.  Technology is also increasing at a rapid rate and not keeping up with these changes can leave you at a disadvantage to your competitors and may actually be costing you money.

Here are some reasons why even small businesses benefit from IT Support.

1. Keeps your Business Productive and Efficient

You have employed staff to do a particular job and while some people may enjoy fiddling around trying to sort out software issues or broken printers it is probably not the best use of their time. As well as that, the time that your email is not working or your network is down can cost you money due to lost productivity. In addition, disruptions like these can make your business appear less professional and may put off potential clients using your services.

2. Can Fix Issues Before they become a Problem

Employing a good Business IT Support company can pay dividends. They will be able to monitor your network and spot potential issues and deal with them before they become a problem. They will ensure that software updates and hardware upgrades are seamless so that they do not impinge on the running of your business. That will mean that all your employees will have the latest version of software on their machines which will help keep your data secure from hackers, improve efficiency and ensure software compliance.

3. Up To Date with the Latest Technology

IT has a lot of jargon and it can be very time consuming and not to everyone’s taste to try and keep up with the latest advances in cloud computing, exchange email, VOIP telephone systems etc. This is where a good Business IT Support Company will be able to help. From giving you simple advice over the phone to looking at your current infrastructure and offering suggestions as to how new technologies can be used to improve the way you are working. Using the latest technology wisely can help a small business grow and shouldn’t cost the earth.

4. Keeps your Data Safe

Data protection laws apply to businesses of all sizes and it is crucial that your data and your client’s data is kept safe at all times. A recent report from the Federation of Small Business (FSB) claimed that small to medium sized businesses are more likely to be targeted by cyber attacks than larger ones. A good IT support company will help protect you and your business from unwittingly leaking data or installing malicious software that can harm your business data. They will help you decide on the level of security that is appropriate for your business and will ensure that the security software running on your PCs is always up to date.

We believe that almost all business can benefit from some level of IT support, but how do you choose a company to deliver this service? A reputable company should be able to offer different levels of Business IT Support, to match different budgets and differing business needs e.g. Ad hoc, Pay as you go, Unlimited.

If you are looking for some help with your business IT Support and would like to find out more, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch or give us a call on 0131 657 1666